Welcome to your new addiction

It all began in 2012. I was reading a magazine article about a woman who won $50,000 in cash and prizes for that year. My daughter had just turned 4 and I was loving being a mum but felt guilty about not being able to give my family treats. We were barely able to get by.
Reading the article gave my heart beat a little flutter. Why not? I thought. How hard could it be? SO I began by doing a Google search of competitions and Australia. I was shocked. Thousands of results came up.
To begin with I entered the Competitions that were easy to fill in. Just my name, address and phone number. I entered at least ten comps that day before my daughter demanded my attention. And now we wait I thought.
A month had gone by and I had not got anything. No call, e-mail or mail. I was disheartened. That is until there was a knock at the door. There standing before me was the postal van and he had a package for me to sign. That is odd I thought as I had not ordered anything online.
When I opened the package I was shocked. There before me lay makeup and the expensive kind at that. As a mum I never spoiled myself. Even if I had wanted to I never had the money. The letter underneath had a massive CONGRATULATIONS YOU ARE A WINNER. And so it began….
Now Five years later I have won Jewellery, DVDS, games, makeup, gift cards, clothes, cash, a Foosball table and lots more. I am constantly asked by friends and family to share my secrets, they claim I am lucky and tell them about competitions and that is why I started this blog. Look out for my posts on Tuesdays and Fridays and I will fill you in on how you can be a winner too.


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