How to find competitions

So the first thing you may be asking yourself is how do I find these competitions? The ones that will give me extras? You hear of people winning all the time but you never see where you can enter. Here I will give you some tips:
One of the first and obvious ways to find competitions is good old Google. Simply type is Competitions and Australia and you will get thousands of results. Or try Competitions and (your state here). Facebook is another easy one. Over the years businesses on Facebook have posted more and more competitions. Some are as easy as a like and a share.
Big stores will often have purchase comps with the promise of even bigger and better prizes. Some of my favourites are: Woolworths, IGA, Foodland, Caltex, and occasionally Coles.
Keep a lookout on Television. TV constantly advertises the big ones. Where by entering these comps you can win Cars, Cash, Holidays, Vouchers and more. Sunrise often have the cash cow comp, one text could win you $10,000 or more. Similar with the Today Show.

Many magazines often include big prizes or lots of worthy ones. Magazines like Take 5, That’s Life,  Lovatts (who have many different types), New Idea, Woman’s day, Woman’s day super puzzler, Better Homes and gardens and much more.
I also have included here some websites that often run competitions:

I hope this gets you started on your magnificent comping journey and may many wins come your way


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