That’s life issue 5 answers

P47. Remote control car. Tasmanian Tiger
P47. Little Live Pets. Dizzy
P47. Bath Bomb Studio. 2
P48. Beados B-Sweet. Apple
P48. Glow in the dark stars. S
P48. Dominoes. Mary Poppins
P48. Y Glider. B
P48. Xbox One pack. Opal
P49. $50. Yonder
P50. $50. Sponsor
P51. Mazda. Bird
P51. Washer. Entourage
P51. Treasure Chest. P31
P52. iPhone 6s Plus. Baton
P52. Food processor. Plumber
P52. $50. Pledge
P53. Serving set. Tide
P53. Handbag. Tribal
P54. $100. 2
P54. TV. Brigitte Bardot
P54. Summer quilt. Deluge
P55. Cookware. Deluxe
P55. Quilt cover. Accommodation
P55. Multi cooker. Curl
P56. Monstercross. Spectrum
P58. Puzzler of the week. Titan
P58. Arrow word. Location
P59. Radio. Charlton Heston
P59. Code cracker. Flourish
P60. Matchup. Lifeboat
P60. Word knocker. Rope
P60. Fill in. Frenzy
P60. Quick crossword. Vertigo
P61. Word tracer. Notorious
P61. Word pyramid. Sabotage
P61. Word wheel. To Catch A Thief
P61. Spiral. Rebecca
P62. Coffee cups. Ben Hur
P62. Tower fan. Definite
P62. Silver necklace. Muted
P63. Smart watch. Trout
P63. Tool set. 5
P63. $50. L and K
P64. Letterdrop. Maggie Smith
P64. Cross maths. 4
P64. Weekdays. Wednesday
P64. Bookworm. The Time Machine
P64. Spelling test. B
P65. First letter. Moggy
P65. Letter equations. A
P65. Tiny cross. Earn
P65. Rhyme time. Underway
P65. Wordoku. Verbal
P65. Bonus puzzle. Mauve


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