How to tell if you are a winner.

There are several different ways to find out you are a winner in a competition. Sometimes promotors will call you, you may get an e-mail and occassionally a prize will just show up in the mail. When that happens it’s great, however you don’t want to miss out on prizes. So here is how to tell if you are a winner:

There are some good competitions running on Facebook.  Many of them are simple ‘Like’ & ‘Share’ comps that only take a second to enter.  As they are so easy to enter I sometimes forget that I’ve even put an entry in.  Sometimes a promotor will send tag you as a winner in these pages, sometimes you may get a notification that they have commented on your post but there are times when you may miss out on the prize.

I like to Google my name in different variations to see if I am a winner. I may put First name Last name winner, First name Last name competition winner, First name last name state winner, first name last name suburb state winner, and occassionally I also add Facebook behind the word winner. The end result example:

Jay Smith Wulguru QLD 4811 winner.

If there are bigger prizes sometimes the Australian newspapers will list winners, you may find winners on websites or in magazines. Good luck compers!


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