That’s life 6 answers

Here are my answers for That’s life issur 6

56 Star wars blaster – Window
56 Rapunzel doll – Belgium
56 Scrabble game – Grain
57 Chrono Bomb – Why
57 RC SUV -Sweet
57 Shopkins toy – Crew
57 Crayola set – Piglet
57 Scavenger Hunt – Tiny Huge
p.58 $50 cash – Gerard Butler
p.58 $50 cash – Jennifer Aniston

P59. Car. Loving
P59. Treasure chest. P.12
P59. Diamond ring. Beautiful
P60. $50. Cherish
P60. Perfume. Rhinoceros
P60. Dinner set. Saturday
P61. Champagne flutes. Peach Faced Lovebirds
P61. Code cracker.
P62. Garden pack. Rubble
P62. Mop. Relic
P62. Pets book. I
P63. Photo frame. Glockenspiel
P63. Watch set. Platinum
P64. Monstercross. Diana Ross
P66. Puzzler of the week. Partner
P66. Arrow word. Beloved
P67. Shaving set. Reverses
P67. Code cracker. Soulmate
P68. Match up. Courting
P68. Word knocker. Dear
P68. Quick crossword. Romance
P68. Fill in. Passion
P69. Word tracer. Affection
P69. Word pyramid. Kisses
P69. Spiral. Devoted
P69. Word wheel. Achy Breaky Heart
P70. $100. 8
P70. Bath robe. Pocket
P70. Bar set. Trance
P70. Suitcase. Circle
P71. TV. Love is Blind
P71. Vac. Chocolates
P71. $50. F2
P72. Buy a vowel. Seinfeld
P72. Duos. Hunger
P72. Definitions.  B
P72. Riddle. Radon
P72. Word jumble. Comet
P73. Diabolical. Everlasting
P73. Star. Worth
P73. Multiple choice. S
P73. Coordinates. Train
P73. Letter riddle. E
P73. Bonus puzzle. Sweet

Goodluck compers


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