Writing 25 words or less

Those tricky 25 words or less (WOL) often offer amazing prizes but so few people enter as they think they are not talented enough or smart enough. What do I even write? How can I win against thousands of others. Here I list my tips and what not to do when entering 25 WOL.

Avoid SOB stories- There are questions like why do you deserve a LG fridge? A lot of people will write that they can’t afford a new one, theirs broke down or house burnt down etc. Whether these are true or not judges often have hundreds of entries the same and it can be hard to choose.

Think outside the square- The answers to simple questions like why you want to win often have the same generic answers. A lot of people write because I really want to, It would come in handy etc. Take the question and flip it upside down. Is there a way you can answer the question by being funny? Writing poetry? Rewording famous lyrics?

Here is a 25 Words or less competition I won a little while ago. It was on Facebook and being run by chanel Eleven. The prize was a simpson history book, game and D.V.D. The question went as follows:

Tell us in 25 WOL what is your favourtie Simpsons episode and why?

My answer: Treehouse of horror V as No beer and no TV make Tabatha something something…Go crazy? Don’t mind if I do.

It was a simple adaption of a line from the simpsons and it was funny yet other people were writing long boring posts.

Another winner of mine was to see a pre-release screening of the movie Four Holidays (comp was in 2008) the question stated: Tell us about your worse family reunion (something like that) My answer: At 16 I was afraid to come home to tell my parents I was pregnant but when I went to tell them I realised my mum was also pregnant.

Good luck at Words or less and happy comping. Do you have any WOL answers where you were the winner if so let us know!


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